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1. How much will this service cost?
The number and times of calls will be determined following a FREE care assessment which will be carried out in conjunction with the potential client and any representatives they should wish to be present. Following this assessment a full written quotation will be provided for their care. Cancellations - it would not be ethical of us to charge for calls that are cancelled due to an emergency situation. We do however require a minimum of 24hrs notice for all other planned cancellations. Bank Holidays are charged at our normal weekend rate.
2. Will the client have the same care worker all the time?
It is company policy to allocate no more than 2 carers ‘ key care workers’ ,subject to holidays and sickness, to any client unless otherwise requested. This ensures continuity of care and feedback regarding the client. If any client doesn’t feel comfortable or compatible with any care-worker they are encouraged to contact the care manager to discuss any issues and as a last resort deny the particular care worker access to their home. We feel that carer/client compatibility is very important and would change them for another member of staff as soon as is practicably possible.
3. What happens if the care worker does not arrive at the scheduled time?
At Alternative Means we have a texting system in place so that if a text hasn’t been received which corresponds with the time of the call the care manager will trace the carer and advise the client accordingly, arranging cover if necessary. We do however pride ourselves on employing a dedicated and conscientious workforce who will phone either the on-call service if they are unable to work or the client to advise of lateness so this situation very rarely arises.
4. Will the care worker make sure the client has taken the correct medication, or will the care worker give the medication? Will they be able to give injections?
Yes, the care worker can either check medication has been taken, prompt clients to take medication or administer medication depending upon their needs. This procedure applies to the administration of tablets, liquid medication, creams and most other prescribed medication. Alternative Means does not employ staff qualified to give injections.
5. Will the care worker call my nominated contact if they think there are any problems, medical or otherwise that need review or further discussion?
No, the care-worker shouldn’t call directly but they will report any changes in your condition to the care manager. The care manager who will then contact you or your representaive(with your permission only) to discuss these changes and possibility of a change to the care routine.
6. What happens if the care worker finds that the client is unwell when they call?
It depends on how unwell the client is. For instance they would call a paramedic if the illness was potentially life threatening or arrange an appointment with their GP if that is more appropriate. Any action that is taken is only with permission from the client or their representative. The care worker would also phone the office/care manager to report any illness and actions taken so it can be reported to you and/or representative.
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